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Every bride has a dream about how she wants her wedding day to be.  Often though, all of the details that go into making a wedding day magical are just overwhelming.  At E.M. Events, it is my goal to help ensure that you enjoy the process of getting to your wedding day and that you will always look back on it fondly. 

Can I share a little story with you?  When I married my prince charming 15 years ago, I cried through the entire ceremony.  I have wedding pictures where you can see the tear drops on my wedding veil.  Were they tears of joy?  Unfortunately, no.  I was thrilled to be marrying my soon-to-be husband but I was so overwhelmed by the wedding process that by the time I got to walk down the aisle, I was so stressed out. My nerves couldn't take anymore and the tears took over.  It was still a beautiful ceremony and we are still very happy today but it is something my family still teases me about. 

When I started E.M. Events, I decided that that I didn't want there to be any of my clients who where so overwhelmed by the nitty gritty of getting married that they cried as they walked down the aisle.  I want all of their tears to be ones of joy.  With all of the craziness that sometimes go with weddings, its my job to minimize as much of it as I possibly can and to make the day run as smoothly as possible.

I would be honored to help make your wedding day all that you dreamed it would be.  Whether you are looking for help for every step of the way or just for certain areas of wedding planning, I can customize my services to expertly meet your needs.