That's how long our senior citizens have been Isolated from loved ones.


 No Hugs!

No Kisses!

No Handshakes!

Only Socially Distanced Visits

No Regularly Scheduled Outings!

E.M. Events is delighted to be creating "Balloon Buddies" as part of a nationwide initiative with other balloon pros so we can spread love across the country.

As much awesome care as they are receiving from nurses and care givers, our senior citizens--Grandma's & Grandpa's, Nana's & PawPaw's, Granny's & Pop's, no matter what we call them, need and deserve to receive some extra love.  An added benefit is these Balloon Buddies will uplift the staff and families who send them. Such a positive!

You can get involved by purchasing a “balloon buddy”, by sharing on social media so others can get involved, share with your friends, family, church, and the companies you work for. We must have every resident covered before the delivery of these Balloon Buddies. Click on the link above to place your order for how many you would like to adopt and we will take care of the rest.

Sponsor a Balloon Buddy for $20.00 each; 3 for $50.00 and 7 for $100.00.

How does Adopt-A-Grandparent work?

1.  We will deliver one Balloon Buddy to every Adopted resident at one of Berkeley County Assisted Living Communities. This program will run several months, with a new community chosen after one is complete.  

Example:  Harmony at Martinsburg is the first community.  They have 70 residents.  Once all the grandparents are adopted, we begin the construction and delivery process. 

2.  Balloon Buddies are delivered either on the same or next day of construction to that community.

3.  Each Grandma/Grandpa will receive a Balloon Buddy and a positive gift tag from the sender.

4.  Next, we will reach out to another Assisted Living Community so we can spread love to more adopted Berkeley County grandparents.


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